Patio/Sliding Doors

Patio and sliding doors can be a challenge to cover with an option that meets all of the desired criteria. Fortunately, there are a variety of modern and attractive options that offer utility as well as decorative appeal.

Gliding panel systems

Gliding panel systems are sleek and modern, beautifully covering large windows with an array of fabrics that either maintain a softly filtered view or provide privacy with either a translucent or darkening textile.

Traversing draperies

Traversing draperies are a stylish soft solution with endless fabric and design options that can give temperature and light control as well as privacy and sound dampening.

Natural Drapes

Natural drapes are an exquisite and renewable option, woven with materials like bamboo, jute, grasses and reeds that add asymmetric texture and simple beauty to your home.

Honeycomb and cellular shades

Honeycomb and cellular shades can be oriented vertically to cover wide doors and windows. With either light-filtering or darkening fabric they are especially effective at insulating while providing light control and privacy.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a classic treatment that has been updated with modern materials and operating systems to maintain relevance as an attractive and functional option.

Other Specialty Treatments

exterior shades

Exterior shades provide solar control for outdoor living spaces as well as dramatically reduce heat-gain when mounted on window openings.


Skylight shades can create light and heat issues that are challenging to manage. Fortunately, there are motorized and manual adaptations of Roller shades, honeycomb shades, horizontal blinds and fixed fabric panels for skylight applications.

arched windows

Arched windows can be finished with custom shutter panels, wood and aluminum blinds, cellular shades and custom fabric panels.

graphic printed shades

Communicate your message to customers using brilliant, high-resolution large-format printing with the highest quality UV inks available.

cubical curtains and tracks

We provide cubical curtains and tracks in addition to installation services for healthcare facilities. Inquire with us to get a current selection of our fabric and hardware options.

blackout window treatments

For home theater applications or rooms where complete light-control is desired, we offer roller shade and cellular/honeycomb systems.

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